PokeLewd: for Waifus [v0.6] By Gigachill Dev

Gigachill Dev Games released a new game called PokeLewd: for Waifus and the version is 0.6. The game’s story is about A parody game where you battle/catch pocket monsters and then have sexy time with beautiful waifus.​

Developer: Gigachill Dev
File Size: 777.2 MB
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Embark on a journey through the authentic Kanto and Johto regions.
  • Adding Regular female trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite four, and the Champion from Kanto and Johto.
  • Temporarily remove non-Kanto and non-Johto cities, towns, characters,… (They will be back in the future update)
  • Both UI and UX were reworked.
  • Pokedex: You can now check the Pokemon’s location to know where it can be found.
  • 4 new H-scenes + Additional H-scenes for Clair.
  • Adding 40~ new Pokemon, Including legendary Pokémon for you to discover and capture.
  • Introducing Items.
  • Map, Items, new Cheats, achievements… and many changes.


  • Introduction ~15 new characters.
  • Adding ~200 new Pokemon.
  • Adding ~30 new locations.
  • Introducing Multi Battle.
  • Relearn moves feature.
  • A Map to navigate. (Huge thanks to Nes for helping me with this)
  • Fast travel (Using flyable Pokemon).
  • 4 new H-scenes.
  • Additional H-scenes for Nessa and Erika.
  • Elite Four, Champion, and Legendary Trainers to challenge
  • Hall of Fame.
  • Being able to name yourself.
  • EXP bar.
  • Temporally remove the gifting system. (It will be reworked in the future update).


  • Added: Simple Dating sim system.
  • Added: Cheat Mode
  • Added: Bycle to avoid encounters.
  • Added: 80~ new Pokemon
  • Added: 60~ new Locations
  • Added: 10 new characters
  • Added: 4 H-scenes (with animations and foreplay)
  • Changes: Improve the moving system.

Developer Notes:

I make games for adults

Game Images & Screenshots


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