Princess of the Ring 2 [v31] By Toffi-sama

Toffi-sama Games released a new game called Princess of the Ring 2 and the version is 31. The game’s story is about This very first build is more a showcase of the engine than a game. It’s a lot of work just putting the framework together to have a running system, so that’s the majority of the work that went into this build. Adding the juicy content will be a priority starting now.​

Developer: Toffi-sama
File Size: 1.24 GB
Version: 31
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Developers didn’t give any changelog

Demo V0.7

So, what’s new in this update?

Unlike the last demo, which was 100% only about animations, this demo has a mixed priority. First of all, as far as animations go, the first set of grapples for Kristina are now finished. She has 3 moves she can execute after grabbing her opponent (while standing). The first I made was – of course – the German Suplex. A game with wrestling moves can’t be without. In addition to that, she also has a Powerbomb and a Lifted Stranglehold.

The addition of the grapples also made it necessary to implement the counter-system (which was the other priority for this demo). After grabbing an opponent, Kristina now has the choice of 3 directional inputs: left for German Suplex, Up for Stranglehold, Right for Powerbomb. Her opponent, while being grabbed, can also press one of these 3 buttons. If she chose the same as Kristina, the move gets countered. If not, the move gets executed. For clarification, the direction will also be briefly displayed after both players made their choice.

With these moves now in the game, all 3 types of attacks I envisioned are available (at least for one character): Strikes, Throws and Submissions. The Strikes, well, those have been in for a while. For the Throws we now have the German Suplex and the Powerbomb, for Submission we have the Stranglehold. To give each one of those it’s distinctiveness, I got rid of the simple damage-counter that was in the game, and instead added a Defense- and Damage-Meter.

The damage your character takes is visualized with a white body-silhouette, which turns red the more damage you take. The more damage you have taken, the harder it will be to free yourself from a submission or sex attack (those come much later, though). It accumulates slowly over the course of the match, but doesn’t regenerate. For now, the match ends when a character has accumulated 250 permanent damage.

The defence of your character is visualized by a shield. This represents your short-term ability to cope with submissions and sex attack. Basically, if your shield is full, you’re immune to any submission or sex attack, if it’s empty, you’ll have to struggle a lot (which gets harder with more permanent damage you’ve taken). The shield regenerates over time, and fully after each submission or sex-attack.

Strikes deal a lot of damage to defence, but low permanent damage, while submissions deal no damage to defence but a lot of permanent damage. Throws are somewhere in between.


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