Private Lives [v0.25] By Petardo

Petardo Games released a new game called Private Lives and the version is 0.25. The game’s story is about Alex is an amateur writer with a vision and the will to publish the most notorious erotic novel of all times… But there’s a problem with that! A profound lack of inspiration.​

Developer: Petardo
File Size: 870.0 MB
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Rina’s story.
  • Steve’s story, with multiple variations.
  • Laura’s alternate story (in case you chose another branch on Penelope’s one).
  • Kira’s secret scene.
  • Chance for male-MC’s scenes with Mercedes, Sofia and Rina.
  • Rina’s arc is finished, making the story to progress.
  • Progress with Marissa, Claude, Mercedes, Kira and Penelope.
  • Overall update focused on male-MC’s side.
  • 626 new renders.
  • 185 new animated loops.
  • 44 new character sprites.
  • More stuff I may have forgot I implemented…
  • Simple walkthrough added to the pack.
  • Some file’s structure has changed. If you’re updating from a previous version I recommend to delete the old files before dragging the new ones (Don’t forget to keep your saves!)
  • I’m offering a sligthly compressed version of the game in this update. You’re almost not going to notice any quality loss, plus you’re not going to download almost 2GB. Win-win.


  • David’s story.
  • Brandon’s story, with multiple variations.
  • Marina’s story.
  • Chance for MC’s scenes with Sofia and Jason. Yes, you can stop yelling, MC can get some love too.
  • New characters to interact with.
  • A new location to explore, the night club.
  • Progress with Marissa, Chiara, Penelope, David, Kira and Rina.
  • NPC’s stories have been reworked. You can progress the game just by reading those once, no need to replay anything you don’t want to. Except Thomas’ one, that dude obviously doesn’t know how to tell a story
  • Now you’re choosing your MC’s gender at game start.
  • New game intro and new extra lore.
  • Added a market place to unlock missing scenes.
  • Revamped UI, menus and a proper logo. Game looks a little less cheap
  • 827 new renders.
  • 127 new animated loops.
  • 138 new character sprites.
  • 10 new music tracks.
  • Kira’s story now has an extra alternate ending.
  • More stuff I may have forgot I implemented…

Developer Notes:

Help Alex gather inspiration! Explore a city inhabitated by all kind of excentric characters, meet new people and make them to uncover their most intimate secrets and accidentaly unleash a hellish evil in this sandbox Adult Visual Novel.

Take a third party role to influence on the lives of the huge set of characters you’ll have to deal in game. From weed smokers, exercise addicts, squatting slavs in tracksuits, metalheads, hipsters… Many kind of stereotypes!

What’s Private Lives about? This visual novel is about common, sane, fully consensual relationships between unrelated adults. There’s no “step-whatever”, no missing/death fathers, and none of the common overexploited themes you’ll find in the adult genre. There’s many games that already do that. Private Lives tries to take back the spirit of classic erotica and give the player/reader a funny, emotional and feel good experience. I may not achieve that at all, but that’s what I’m trying to do!

What will you find in this game? Sandbox exploration, lots of characters, each one with different short stories to tell, fully custom animated scenes (Yes, forget about those default HS animations), nicely designed characters made with effort and love (also forget about HS default looking). Story changes depending on your choices, and, for once, a women and lgtbi respectful set up overall.

Game Images & Screenshots


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