Project «Mnemosyne» [v0.16] By Fint Games

Fint Games released a new game called Project «Mnemosyne» and the version is 0.16. The game’s story is about Your life seemd so ordinary and predicatble — study, football, future plans. But a single phone call changed it all! It was your parents urging you to embark on a journey. But what kind of a journey is it going to be? Why were they so insistent on you going? The only beacon of hope in this situation is your charming (sometimes cheeky) companion, who will be at your side no matter what happens. Are you ready to discover the truth behind it all, and to find out what made your parents send you off?​

Developer: Fint Games
File Size: 2.96 GB
Version: 0.16
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added over 400 new renders.
  • Added 3 new achievements.
  • Added 2 erotic scenes.

Developer Notes:

Hello everyone! I’m Fint and I’m passionate about making Renpy games! The game I’m working on currently is called “Project Mnemosyne”. The game features non-linear storytelling and many choices, as well as plenty of adult-only scenes!

Game Images & Screenshots


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