Ramen no Oujisama [v1.2.5 Free] By Paper Waifu

Paper Waifu Games released a new game called Ramen no Oujisama and the version is 1.2.5 Free. The game’s story is about A Visual Novel game that chronicles the loves and tribulations of a young man who, thanks to a generous benefactor, is starting fresh in a new city and opening a new ramen restaurant. We are constantly bringing in more graphic, story, and sound assets to the game as our vision evolves, so there’s always good reason to replay a route for improvements and extended (even amended) storylines!​

Developer: Paper Waifu
File Size: 755.0 MB
Version: 1.2.5 Free
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v1.1.9 -> v1.2.5


  • NEW! Ice Chef’s route updated V3 SEs!
  • FIX! Conditionals added to SCIs

Developer Notes:

The app seems to not want to install for some of you guys. Please see if this works for you:

1.) Please uninstall all Ramen no Oujisama apps. Go to Settings -> Apps and remove all copies of the game, especially the older ones. This is because we changed our signature back in v0.3.5. So we had to uninstall v0.3.0 and earlier versions before the game could install/update. On a related note, if you encounter a -505 error with some of other games in the Play Store, this can be related to that.

2.) Please make sure that “Unknown Sources” are enabled or checked. You can find this in Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources. This is to allow the game to install since this is a game found outside the Play Store marketplace.


Current: v1.01
smoothgrooves8di – Smooth sound test mode
sexytimedo3 – Unlocks Gallery
omakefantasymf2 – Omake Scenarios
miebestgirlpqs – Extended sex scenes with Mie
twinsexpistolsuri – Dual dick option in select scenarios
quickstartmho – Quick start
genderbenderxyz – Gender selection
nonutnovemberyep – Deliberate no nutting in select scenarios

Game Images & Screenshots


Win64: ramennooujisama-v1.2.5-win-x64-2022-06-09.zip – 755.0 MB
Win32: ramennooujisama-v1.2.5-win-x86-2022-06-09.zip – 749.6 MB
Linux: ramennooujisama-v1.2.5-linux-2022-06-09.tar.gz – 764.3 MB
Mac: ramennooujisama-v1.2.5-mac-osx-10.9-x64-2022-06-09.zip – 787.0 MB
Android: ramennooujisama-v1.2.5-2022-06-09-arm-s.apk – 682.1 MB



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