Reckless Love [v0.0.3] By RecentlyLuckyMan

RecentlyLuckyMan Games released a new game called Reckless Love and the version is 0.0.3. The game’s story is about One day, when you was thinking on how shitty is your life, you decided to go out, and lucky or unlucky, you meet rei, a desperate girl that was sleeping in the streets. You decided to help her, and well… then started your reckless life with her! Help her while you try to survive to your poverty life! Work, sleep, eat, cry and love! Maybe this girl can make your life less shitty… or maybe make it more shitty, who knows?​

Developer: RecentlyLuckyMan
File Size: 382.3 MB
Version: 0.0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added new task page on shumma stats page
  • Added a new secondary task
  • Added bike.
  • Added fast traveling with bike.
  • Added online shopping.
  • Added new H scene: Lucy’s store service: Work after seeing first love event with rei, lucy will ask you if she can pay you with “Something else”


  • Fixed a bug that makes play cards with rei impossible.
  • Some translation fixes.


  • Added 2 new places: Avenue and junkyard.
  • Added new character: Joe, you can find it on the junkyard.
  • -Added new way to get money: Sell junkyard, you can search for junk on the strets to sell it to joe.
  • Added new interactions with rei.
  • Added new sex scene: Boobjob, this scene have 2 variants, with casual clothes and pajama.
  • Added new work for rei: Prostitution.
  • Added 2 new bad endings: Rei leave and homeless life.
  • Now you need to pay the rent.
  • Added new item to buy: Puddin, Give it to rei as gift.
  • Added new stats panel for rei and shumma.
  • Added new upgrades panel to shumma: You can get upgrade points by working or finding junk.
  • Remodeled some backgrounds.
  • Added animations to all locations.
  • Added Pc (At the moment do nothing :p)
  • Added midnight walk: You can walk on the midnight if you have suficent energy.
  • New menu to change your clothes.
  • Now you can ask rei to give you money.
  • Added new system to buy in the store.
  • Now you can make rei work with you in lucy’s store to win double money.

2023-09-11 Initial Demo Release

Developer Notes:

This is a demo, the game mechanics are very very uncompleted, i’m planning to add the next things:

  • More minigames
  • More actions
  • More locations to travel
  • More interactions with rei, like talking, playing with her, travel with her and obviously, have sex with her!
  • Fully animated h scenes
  • Love and relationship progression
  • Ability map for main character
  • More works with minigames

And more!
Keep tuned on my patreon to know fresh news about development of this beautiful game!
I hope you like it!

Game Images & Screenshots


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