Rise of the White Flower [v0.11.3] By NecroBunnyStudios

NecroBunnyStudios Games released a new game called Rise of the White Flower and the version is 0.11.3. The game’s story is about Following the adventures of Catherine Belrose in a world full of magic inspired by D&D. Will she be able to repay her debts and become a respected wizard? Or will she fail and become a slave? It is up to you.

Follow the story of Catherine Belrose, a commoner that has just graduated from the Academy of Magic in the capital of the Empire. While her training has made her into an elite in the Empire, studying in a school meant for nobles has left her with a soul-crushing debt to repay. Knowing that the only way she can get as much cash as she needs is by joining the Adventurers Guild, an organization that employs mercenaries to deal with the ever-present threat of monsters, she does just that. But, there are those that do not want to see her succeed, and she is going to have to work hard for everything she aims to achieve.

Guide Catherine in this epic quest, join forces with dozens of like-minded adventurers and embark on many adventures. And while you are at it, discover how deeply the corruption runs in the heart of the empire, discover the secrets of the world of Valarien and its rich history, uncover dark secrets better left buried in the sands of time, and pursue romance, or just casual sex, with the many companions that will join Catherine on her journey. Will Catherine be able to pay off her student loan? Or will she fail and become a slave? It is up to you!

Developer: NecroBunnyStudios
File Size: 903.9 MB
Version: 0.11.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • What’s new on this one? Well:
  • This release adds the start of Seralli’s romance route for those that find themselves still single! It also continues the story with Catherine leading her legion across the mountains and running into many dangers.
  • 2 New Scenes
  • 1 New Sex Scene
  • 18k words added.

New Sex Scenes

  • Catherine and Seralli (Lesbian, Hand holding, Romance)

New Scenes

  • A Difficult Crossing (Taking an army past a mountain is no easy task!)
  • A Strange World (An underground cave made of pure ice, I wonder what this place could be hidding?)

This build adds the long-awaited Evelyn romance route, which is also the long-awaited sub-Cath route. We also added a continuation to Catherine’s adventures with another legion scene. And speaking of legion, it got a few more reinforcements! And they came from where everyone least expected it.

2 New Scenes
1 New Sex Scene
12k words added.

New Sex Scenes

  • Catherine and Evelyn (Lesbian, Bondage, Dom/Sub)

New Scenes

  • Journey to the North
  • Strange Alliances

New Features

  • Auto Text Advance (activate in the preferences menu)

Developer Notes:

We’re happy to present the first chapter of our game! So far, it contains around 80k words, 29 CG’s, 9 backgrounds, and 6 characters with probably too many facial expressions!

Game Images & Screenshots


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