Saviour of the Wasteland [Demo] By PTGames

PTG Games released a new game called Saviour of the Wasteland and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about Saviour of the wasteland is set in a fantasy post apocalypse world. Ten years ago, the world almost ended when monsters appeared out of nowhere. After a decade hiding in your bunker, it’s time to return to the surface and start rebuilding. Face the dangers of the wasteland while getting to know its inhabitants on an intimate level and help rebuild. Become the saviour of the wasteland.

Developer: PTG
File Size: 279.9 MB
Version: Demo
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Demo version.

Developer Notes:

  • Make friends
    Now it’s time to leave your bunker and start to rebuild. First you’ll need to establish a safe space where people can be protected from the monsters that still roam the surface. That’ll require resources and of course, people. The world is very different from the one you knew when you entered the bunker. People are scarce and many are prone to violence. Others just want to survive and are very appreciative of anyone that can help them do that.
    In a world where there aren’t many good people left, it turns out being one of those good ones is extremely rewarding. Build up trust and relationships with people both inside and outside of your settlement.
    Visit multiple unique locations and scavenge resources while navigating the random events. Gather enough to build up your base and claw back some of the creature comforts you once knew.
    Face danger
    Be careful where you go, monsters still roam the Earth. Moving in the daytime is your best bet as the monsters enjoy the darkness.
  • Specifically designed for one handed play, this is a point and click style interactive visual novel.

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