Secret Island [v0.6.8] By NocturnalDev

NocturnalDev Games released a new game called Secret Island and the version is 0.6.8. The game’s story is about is an adult visual novel about a mysterious island between two warring kingdoms. Usually, this place would be like a sword between the anvil and the hammer, but nobody seems to remember its existence. You are a mighty military man stranded on the island after a naval battle. Rescued by a group of women, you will have the opportunity to explore relationships with them. In this modern fantasy world, you will also have the opportunity to explore past events. You will meet people. Not all of them are human, and even bring some of them to live with you.​

Developer: NocturnalDev
File Size: 2.82 GB
Version: 0.6.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 232 new renders (3835 total).
  • 12 new animations (196 total).
  • 14k words (200k total).
  • 17 new scenes (1 Laura, 1 Claire, 1 Iris, 3 Mixed, 1 Sarah, 1 Koriso, 1 Aster, 1 Beren, 1 Bella, 1 Toshi, 1 Kym, 1 Dian) (214 total)

The second part of this chapter. The next release should be 0.7 with the conclusion of this chapter. At first, I planned to make releases only of the whole chapter, so the ‘main story’ was going to happen at the start and end of chapters. With the days in between being more of a slice of life. Since I changed to monthly releases (and after some feedback), I started to better distribute the main story. So we get a bit of the main story each in-game day. I think that has been working well.


  • 19k words (186k total)
  • 303 new renders (3603 total)
  • 7 new animations (184 total)
  • 10 new scenes (1 Hannah, 1 Eloise, 1 Helena, 5 Mixed, 1 Iris, 1 Ada) (200 total)
  • Fix on renpy voiceover. It should work better for people with visual impairments who need it to play the game.

In the first update in this chapter, we will be learning the consequences of the end of chapter 6. Explaining lots of things, and following it with how some people feel about what they learned.

Game Images & Screenshots


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