Seven Sins [Ch2 v1.3 REBUILD] By Lianland

Lianland Games released a new game called Seven Sins and the version is Ch2 1.3 REBUILD. The game’s story is about What if the Seven Sins were real ? Yeah, the Cardinal Sins. In this game, you’re a quite regular guy of 19, living a peaceful life in a quiet town. Until the very embodiment of carnal pleasures, after some bizarre adventures, ended up in your brain. Will you slowly succomb to corruption or stay true to yourself ? Will you be friend with Lust, or rival ? Now the choice’s yours in this interactive story where your decisions shape and alter the story.​

Developer: Lianland
File Size: 1.04 GB
Version: Ch2 1.3 REBUILD
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ch2 v1.3 REBUILD

  • Global changes
  • 685K words total (- 50K)
  • No more walls of text nor dialogs outside of dialogue boxes
  • Broke passages lenght to reduce scrolling
  • Changed how stats alterations appear
  • Guests section is now a clickable panel
  • Characters sheets are acessible by clicking the girl’s avatar and displays former images unlocked
  • The visit section now randomly rewind an old scene, rather than random clips
  • Complete update ingames folders
  • proof-read in progress
  • Changed the way tutorials appear (bugfix)
  • Added a “day” feature on the left bar (not useful unless for cosmetic and usability).

Videos, images and scenes

  • Added videos clips for every scenes that had not (prologue included)
  • Clips in a scene now come from the same video (consistency purpose)
  • New exclusive scenes for Lust, Autumn, Mia, Marie, Abigail, Lola, Eva
  • Revamped scenes for nearly all characters !
  • More clips for nearly every scenes !
  • Updated low quality/unused images
  • ingame
  • Complete rework of Marie’s pathing (chapter 1)
  • Rework of Piper’s storyline pathing (chapter 2)
  • New branchpoints for Mia and Elsa
  • Balancing points earning system to prevent stats mixing (except for the MC).
  • Balancing points treshold for some scenes and storyline developments
  • Rewrote inconsistent dialogs

1.3 update

  • 195K words (732K total)
  • Revamped Lust’s resume’s images.
  • New Lust’s stat (behaviour) visible in her resume’s page.
  • Up to 5 guests, depending of your choices
  • Scenes for 2 former guests
  • More than 30 scenes spread throught the different paths.
  • Added a miniature and other images for the cinema teacher (retroactive to previous updates)

Previous content update

  • Reworked Marie and Autumn storylines in chapter one (love and corruption paths are separated now)
  • Revamped Marie, Mia and Autumn’s resume images in chapter 1
  • Changed Gina, Molly and Vanna’s love path resume images.
  • Changed Karlee BJ event’s videos to match the following events.
  • Reworked the prologue to match nowaday’s layout
  • Grammar and syntax correction

Game Images & Screenshots


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