Seven Sins [Ch2 v1.4 REBUILD] By Lianland

Lianland Games released a new game called Seven Sins and the version is Ch2 1.4 REBUILD. The game’s story is about What if the Seven Sins were real ? Yeah, the Cardinal Sins. In this game, you’re a quite regular guy of 19, living a peaceful life in a quiet town. Until the very embodiment of carnal pleasures, after some bizarre adventures, ended up in your brain. Will you slowly succomb to corruption or stay true to yourself ? Will you be friend with Lust, or rival ? Now the choice’s yours in this interactive story where your decisions shape and alter the story.​

Developer: Lianland
File Size: 1.50 GB
Version: Ch2 1.4 REBUILD
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ch2 v1.4
Global changes

  • If you use the back button to undo choices, careful : the menu’s sections are now tracked by the browser history! You won’t get stuck in an infinite loop, but it will flood the back button!
  • Slightly changed the download folders, so they stay together within the same “Seven Sins” folder when unzipped.
  • Complete overhaul of the “characters” section : you can now pick any image unlocked as main image by clicking on it.
  • A ton (and I mean, A TON) of new images in this section
  • Videos have now sound! They are automatically muted when you enter a passage. Dialogues in videos aren’t relevant storywise.
  • You can now change the saves names.
  • The chaos stat is visible if you took the black door at the end of chapter 1

Bug and fix
Major softlock in chapter 1, with Lily and Chloe at the beach (conditionnal statement badly written)
Eva’s second free-roam event available if Abigail’s Chaos path [Eva reluctant] (forgotten variable)

Game Images & Screenshots


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