Sharing Is Caring [v0.0.13] By Fronte91

Fronte91 Games released a new game called Sharing Is Caring and the version is 0.0.13. The game’s story is about story follows our main character John (by default) and his wife Lara (also default) as they begin to explore new options in their marriage and sex life. The novel will have 3 main ways for the story to branch depending on the player’s choices: *Netorase – The MC willing shares/encourages his wife to have sex with others.​ ​ *Netorare – The MC is cuckolded by his wife and others.​ ​ *Netori – The MC has sex with and potentially steals other men’s partners.​

There is a stat tracker so you can see exactly which direction the story is heading, and you can choose the path you want the story to take. There are some flaws in the logic so trying to access multiple paths could lead to missing out on content. The “pure” paths will offer the most content. I am open to constructive criticism but keep in mind this is still my first project so there will likely be many mistakes.​

Developer: Fronte91
File Size: 1.63 GB
Version: 0.0.13
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added chapter eight part 2 (~2100 lines)
  • 68 new unique CGs, 3 recurring CGs, 7 new animations
  • 3 new sound effects


  • *Added chapter six (~4300 lines)
  • *57 new unique CGs, 7 recurring CGs, 11 new animations
  • *8 new sprites
  • *Added switch to enable/disable impregnation/pregnancy content
  • *Changed pregnancy risk function (players given choice instead)
  • *Fixed a few logic bugs from earlier chapters
  • *Changed “infinity pool” to “endless pool” to more accurately describe MC/Lara’s pool


  • Added chapter five (~4200 lines)
  • 67 new unique CGs, 14 recurring CGs, 10 new animations
  • 9 new sprites
  • Added pregnancy risk feature (won’t pay off until later chapters)
  • Fixed a logic bug in Ch. 4 Beach scene (Telling Lara “No” would still lead to MC watching drunk interaction with Jack if NTRS was higher than NTRI)
  • Fixed a logic bug with Ch. 4 Party choice (If players intentionally mess up stats, no options would be available)
  • Added alternate scene transition for variety (dissolve in place of fade in some scenes)
  • Tried method of using alternating scenes instead of videos for some sections to save some space


  • Added chapter four (~5200 lines)
  • 77 new unique CGs, 7 recurring CGs, 19 new animations
  • 57 new sprites (most not used in current build)
  • Added day of the week slides to help keep track of time


  • *Added Android build
  • *Added macOS build
  • *Added chapter three (~3500 lines)
  • *Introduced 4 characters
  • *72 new unique CGs, 11 new background/recurring CGs, 10 new animations
  • *10 new sprites (most not used in current build)
  • *Option to skip some scenes to add mystery (Netorare path)
  • *Optimized some older script (Thanks to F95 user Latecomer for the tip)

Developer Notes:

Since I had to rebuild all of the characters and most of the images from the previous build, saves most likely won’t be compatible with existing saves so you will need to start fresh.

Game Images & Screenshots


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