Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] By Flexible Media

Flexible Media Games released a new game called Sinners Landing and the version is 0.1.8b. The game’s story is about

A Raunchy Rogue on the Run, a furious Archmage, and his deflowered daughter; step into a love letter to classic D&D, just with more sex, fun and lovingly hand-drawn and animated 2D Art from the devs behind Paradise Lust.

When a magical accident teleports you to the ass-end of nowhere, the small outpost of Sinners Landing, you discover a deep fantasy world filled with haughty dark-elf priestess, shy temple virgins, ex-courtesans with a heart of gold, and an orcish muscle-mummy.​

Developer: Flexible Media
File Size: 1.18 GB
Version: 0.1.8b
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

1 (0.1.8b)

Updated the Quest UI
Fixed bug on picking up glasses
Fixed a bug where Tyra’s getting a weapon conversation ends prematurely
Fixed bug on Pog’s quest triggering
Fixed a bug when reloading/re-doing Pog’s conversation

Adjusted the scaling of stats for the cards
Fixed bug on llama book sort minigame
Prevent future dialogue popping up in the hot spring
Fixed llama conversation when you have all the quest items

Fixed mural painting missing sprite
Fixed painting minigame skip

New Pog quests and story
New sex scene
Dungeon unlocked
Updated credits list
Story blocks for the dungeon
Merged the shell pieces in the Mural painting minigame
Tristan now plays a block animation when blocking damage in combat
Glass conveyor minigame now properly fades the completed image
Glass conveyor minigame conveyor UI now also fades when it’s finished
Fixed duplicate conversation line in Tyra hotspring scene
Adjusted visibility of the glass shard on the bed
Adjusted enemy’s next action text to be more readable
Fixed overlapping UI for highlighting targets in combat
Fixed getting hit vfx for enemies being behind their models Fixed enemies playing wrong animations
Added icons for different combat effects (buffs and debuffs)
Reduced the Jab card’s base damage from 5 to 3
Reduced the Reckless Attack card’s base damage from 25 to 20
Reduced the Cleave card’s base damage from 18 to 15
Conversations from the fix bed storyline now adds cards to the deck. (If the quest is already finished then the card is added automatically)
Fixed dialog panel bumpy animation
Added on complete/finish animations for book sorting, and llama feed minigame
Fixed Save Load UI anchoring positions

Glass conveyor minigame hint can now solve merged/grouped pieces
Fixed Glass conveyor minigame progress bar not updating
Fixed Annya’s conversation where it shows Roselynn’s dialogue
Fixed quest completions where it completes the wrong quests
Fixed Dawn, and Annya’s pose when there are multiple conversation options
Improved the mural painting minigame
Fixed the repair bed minigame clicking issue
Removed conversations for repair bed minigame
Added quest titles to the fixing the inn room storyline

Glass conveyor pieces can now be dragged from the scroll
Glass conveyor scroll now scrolls correctly
Glass conveyor pieces can now be put back in the scroll
Glass conveyor pieces are now on top of the minigame UI
Glass conveyor pieces can now be merged while unsolved
Increased the brush size for cleaning minigame
Added names to conversation options for Dawn

Mural now shows properly in the room
Mural now shows in conversation
Updated quest descriptions

Fixed Roselynn looking at wrong direction when in conversation
Fixed flowers regrowing
Fixed repair minigame bugs

Added new Roselynn storyline
New repair minigame
New jigsaw conveyor minigame
New flower minigame
New scratch minigame
Added names to multiple conversation options

– Basic inventory functionality added

Fixed dialogue spellings
Fixed duplicate lines in conversations
Fixed date/time formatting
Fixed quest spellings

Gain gold for debatting Roselynn’s room
Fixed a bug where ignoring Dawn’s Llama explanation would cut the convo short
Fixed spank bank UI background
Adjusted Stinkfudge weakness values
Fixed negative values in cards
Fixed white flash when entering combat
Fixed card selecting not responsive when clicking at the edge
Replaced highlight/selector UI in combat
Increased cost of some cards

Fixed music sound banks not repeating in mid-convo
Typo checking

Fixed broken cross-fading for Tristan’s smoking
Added sub-game music
Updated sound effects
Disabled rollback into minigames that have been destroyed
Disabled saving in minigames & while editing the deck
Updated puppeteering for Roselyn and Morwena

Fixed in-scene dialog items no updating immediately
Fixed transitions that are closed allowing an optional “no need to go there yet” convo
Fixed rollback restoring character positions when moving across rooms
Fixed resolution inconsistencies in Combat UI
Adjusted fading and position of combat info popups
Fixed VFX animations not playing properly
Fixed impotent effect logic in Combat
Balanced the bat’s life steal, Giant Cock health, Parry cost, and other negative cards
Fixed Rage effects in combat

Fixed characters disappearing from the scene in certain dialogs
Fixed cards not updating the sprites in deck-builder mode
Enemies shown in-world before scripted fight
Cleaned up a missing character that broke Ros’s intro quest
Various improvements to the quick-nav map
Removed Ros’ painting until it’s completed
VFX for combat effects now apply properly
Cards in the Deck UI now doesn’t have red text
Combat balancing on the Stinkfudge
Updated Deck UI Dropdown Size and Spacing

Combat Effects for Life Steal, Regenerate, Armor, Block
Shield Text output updated with animations
SFX for getting hit

Added Llama SFX
Added Card Strikes SFX
Added Buffs and Blocks SFX
Added Gameplay and World related SFX
Added UI SFX
Hide Scrollbar in conversation

Block animations for Tristan, and some monsters
SFX for dungeon map, enter combat, and combat
Added text for block gain
Added UI Animations for Enter Combat UI

Card draw and discard animations
Combat UI text animations
Fixed truncated HP bar
Added Button SFX to other Popups
Yes/No Popups’ backgrounds now blocks clicks
Add back Exit Button with functionality
Fixed Combat errors

Spank Bank Implementated
Fixed big text options
Fixed incorrect mouse-over color
No pause UI in main menu and spank bank
Fixed quick loading popup text
Removed Quit button from Pause UI
Adjustments for Combat UI Layout
Card animations for select and deselect, and card keywords

Llama now hidden in conversations
Settings/Changelog sorting fixed
fixed large-text
Combat Damage Repetitions, and Text Output Adjustments

Fixed Dawn name
Fixed Roselynn name
Fixed the wrong quest triggering after feeding llama
Fixed the color of the font on the loading screen
Fixed a namespace collision in the combat background

Added additional guards for character locations

– Quicknavigation added

First closed alpha build
Added end of content popup
Closed rooms can now give hints that they’re eventually opening up
Fixed a bug where one of the quests were missing
Rewrote how dialog loading works
Enemies target fix

Update Quest data
Fix off center painting minigame background
Fix Annya’s name in conversation
Fix Annya painting minigame
Disable mines location
Update steam particle effects

Fixed broken sort minigame
Fix belltower art
Update quest data
Update conversation typo
Update llama stoned convo
Add to be done UI on easel
Fix duplicate Bumbles

Fix Tristan and Roselynn holding the bucket at the same time
Fix unclickable conversation choices

Update cards data
Fix card damage calculations
Fix unskippable book sort minigame
Rebalance Charge card
Add visual feedbacks on book sort minigame
Fix duplicate spines in enter combat UI
Prevent saving in main menu

Game Images & Screenshots


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