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SizeMage Games released a new game called Sizeplay and the version is 12.2023.1. The game’s story is about You play as a random guy trying to have fun. There is no story yet, but in future this will be open world game with a story. The game is reliant on minigames and there is no annoying “attack” spam.​

Developer: SizeMage
File Size: 2.86 GB
Version: 12.2023.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 252 new images.
  • Amelia story is complete.
  • Amelia gained 2 new events for corrupted ending.
  • Added a person behind Amelia’s shop that can guide you to Yuki’s temple for a fee. (He’s only there AFTER you complete the story)
  • Nyx gained 3 new events.
  • Nyx gained “WORST” ending. (AKA, Game over ending)
  • Several bugfixes from older versions. (Yuki’s and Amelia’s event not draining HP or Stamina, black screens etc..)


Amelia’s story has finished “Corruption” route and “BAD END” for failing good route.
Nyx training scenes are finished.
Almost whole previous dialogue in the game was replaced. (A LOT OF WORDS!, thank you so much Darkness2399!)


  • Amelia gained new segment in the branching story.
  • Nyx gained new events in her training story. (Activates when you talk to Nox after you’re done with her training events).
  • Intelligence has a use now! It is used in a speech check. You can level up intelligence by finding books all over town of Tess.
  • Added skills which you can learn from books. “First aid” skill is the one you can learn at the moment, if you can find books that give that skill
  • Added a stamina potion in Amelia’s shop.
  • JP is currently being renamed to LP. LP = Lust points. If you see that sometimes it’s called JP and sometimes LP, this is why.
  • Rebalanced leveling XP, XP gain, LP gain, crumbs gain and bonuses that items give.
  • Thanks to Darkness2399, plethora bugs were fixed!

Developer Notes:

The way I share game is, for example when I released V2, 2 weeks after that I share older version. So my game is free after some time.

Game Images & Screenshots


Win:  Sizeplay 12.23 public.rar – 2.9 GB



Extras: Walkthrough by Inayushaxears

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