Son of a Bitch! [v0.32] By Avenger

Avenger Games released a new game called Son of a Bitch! and the version is 0.32. The game’s story is about The protagonist of the game is a young man who just graduated from school and has to choose a way of life. You write his history. He lives with his mom and elder sister. And there are a lot of girls and women in games world!

Developer: Avenger
File Size: 15.81 GB
Version: 0.32
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Tech. code and text changes
  • Fixed a bug with sound after a shower
  • Added surnames for all characters
  • Added a new product
  • Added a schedule at the university
  • Added a house in the valley of the “beggars”
  • Added a house on the coast
  • Added display of quantitative items in the GG information section
  • Added doorbell sounds, where they should be
  • Added design of the GG’s thoughts and placeholders for some characters
  • Modernized game settings
  • Added sound effects
  • Added the function of switching the display of the parameters of all characters
  • Modernized movement in the GG’s car
  • Modernized the “Look around” events » in the city
  • Events in the park have been modernized
  • GG’s dreams have been modernized
  • Red Alley
  • General modernization of locations
  • Cinema location “PREMIER” has been added
  • Now in the cafe you can eat different foods (gives energy)
  • Morozov family has been modernized
  • All events have been restarted with Sveta
    — The card was updated with her
    — The module was modernized with her
    — Home events were added with her
    — Events in the park were added with her
    — Events in the cinema were added with her
    — Events were added with her cafe
    — Daily events were added with it
    — A new character Tatyana Nikolaevna was added
    — A card was added with it
    — An entry in the GG diary was added with it
    — Starting events were added with it
  • Continuation of alt events was added. branches with Bazhena
    — Added a new schedule and mini events
    — Added a new entry to the GG diary
    — Monthly events were added with it
    — Morning events were added with it
    — Events after work were added with it
    — Night events were added with it
    — Daily events were added with it
  • Added continuation of the alt branch and modernization

Game Images & Screenshots

Full (15.8 Gb)


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