Sophie: The Girl From The Zone [v0|2.80] By DavyCroquette

DavyCroquette Games released a new game called Sophie: The Girl From The Zone and the version is 0|2.80. The game’s story is about “A mysterious virus has spread. Slowly at first, then very quickly. Your friends and colleagues have been infected. But they are not dead. They have become something worse than death. They are the living dead! A few years have passed and the society has disintegrated to the point that simply surviving is everyone’s only thought. You live an almost peaceful life miles away from your hometown, until you meet this girl.

But you’re going to start questioning your reality… What if your world was just a hallucination? What if you were simply crazy? ” Be careful, each of your choices will have consequences in the more or less long term and more or less serious on the ‘history.

Developer: DavyCroquette
File Size: 2.54 GB
Version: 0|2.80
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Story continuation (40min).
  • 758 new images.
  • 19 animations.
  • Modification of over 100 3D images.
  • Addition of 3 animations at the beginning of the game.
  • Addition of 2 scenes at the beginning of the game.
  • Reduced difficulty to unlock certain scenes
  • Addition of an image gallery.
  • Option to delete a backup.
  • Option to name a backup.
  • Addition of a typography for dyslexics.
  • Automatic translation to German added.


  • Display bug fixes.
  • Value displays on choice menus
  • New story branch on the big ship
  • Addes 1137 images
  • the story continues


  • A new points system: Your feelings influence your relationships with the characters and will determine whether scenes/choices will be unlocked).
  • Construction of a new storyline path on the boat (possibility of saving the girls) with a new storyline fork. This change will take place in two stages. For now, you’ll need to complete Chapter 1 to access it. Later, you’ll have the choice of saving everyone directly at the start of the game in the boat scene.
  • Several erotic scenes from the beginning of the game have been changed.
  • Continuation of the story.
  • Added more than +1000 images

Developer Notes:


info dev: Sorry, but 2.4 savegames are not compatible.
I do my best to make it happen as infrequently as possible!

Info Dev: Désolé, mais les sauvegarde de la 2.4 ne sont pas compatibles.
Je fais au mieux pour que ca arrive le moins souvent possible !

I do everything to create an experience. The more we advance in the story, the more we understand the beginning… Dive into the head of the MC and make your brain work.

Je fais tout pour créer une expérience. Plus on avance dans l’histoire, plus on comprend le début… Plongez dans la tête du MC et faites marcher votre cerveau.

Game Images & Screenshots


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