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Regulus Games released a new game called Starbreed and the version is 0.6.1. The game’s story is about StarBreed It is a 3D rail shooter that features a colorful, low poly aesthetic. The game will feature fluent arcade gameplay, with characters of many alien races.​

Developer: Regulus
File Size: 226.4 MB
Version: 0.6.1
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • v0.6.1
    Fixed a bug where Nika would talk on planets, even if she is not unlocked or in the party.
    Increased the required motion in Gamepad movement for it to kick in. (You will likely now need to move the analog a lot more in order for the game to automatically switch to gamepad controls. This is to avoid gamepad from taking control if it has a slight drift)
  • v0.6
    New Level: Neos
    New Ally: Nika
    2 Nika Hscenes
  • Nika’s abilities:
    Reckless Play: Throw a ball of yarn out. Collecting the yarn will increase attack speed on most weapons by 1.5%, but also increase damage taken by 1.5%.
    Nimble: Doubles boost speed, and halves brake speed.
    Added the ability to review tentacle “Help” sequences in the Hscene room
    Catiya Cutscene is now colored and animated.
  • Minor:
    Increase Charge Shot radius.
    Change Player lasers to ensure they collide with Enemies before obstacles if it collides with both on the same frame.
    Reduced Molbon boss’ tentacles HP from 1500 to 1000
    Added Party Icons to display when abilities are ready.
    Added UI alerts for when purple claws are latched on to the player.
    Increased how wide the player can aim
    Increased how far the player/camera can travel left and right on the rail in most levels.
    Reworked UI in the Hscene room.
    Fixed a bug where the player would “jitter” during certain segments of levels
    Gatling and Power shot now shoot much farther.
    Fixed a bug where Titas’ final checkpoint could still send you underground.



  • Added function to the Shop, and credits.
  • Added voice acting for all in-game segments, and most Hscenes.
  • A few balance changes involving damage, and health.
  • Added a few more SFX
  • Added Barrel Roll upgrade
  • Shrunk player ship by 30%
  • Weeble’s beam is now Blue (To follow the game’s color coordination.)
  • Added Icons to party select’s Actives/Passives.

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

At the moment the controls are static, and cannot be changed (no keybinding yet!). They are as follows:

Mouse + Keyboard:

(Despite what you may first think, this is my recommended way of playing.)
Aiming: Mouse Movement.

  • Fire: LMB
  • Brake: RMB
  • Boost: MMB
  • Barrel Roll: X/C


  • Aiming: Left Stick
  • Fire: Square/X
  • Brake: Cross/A
  • Boost: Circle/B
  • Barrel Roll: L/R Bumpers

Game Images & Screenshots


Win: – 226.4 MB
Linux: – 230.4 MB



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