Stepmother’s Droplets ~Sweet Fragrance Rising from Moist Skin~ [v1.00] By TinkerBell

TinkerBell Games released a new game called Stepmother’s Droplets ~Sweet Fragrance Rising from Moist Skin~ and the version is 1.00. The game’s story is about The protagonist, Shinohara Shouta, who attends a school for advanced studies, starts an apprentice job as a librarian, which has been his dream for some time, using his summer vacation. The job was found for him by his stepmother and insurance saleswoman, Shinohara Misaki. However, when he starts the job, his boss, Hikawa Ritsuko, is strict and critical towards him and Misaki. Despite growing increasingly resentful of Ritsuko, there are moments when Shouta feels at ease. Kuriyama Kana, who brings her child with her in the morning, is one such presence. Her demeanor and behavior are gentle, putting Shouta at ease.

Her 1.5 years old child is also fond of Shouta, causing him to forget unpleasant things. Then there’s the “Wamian” small restaurant that he stops by on his way home from work. Before his mother died and his father remarried, the proprietress of the restaurant, Kujou Yae, used to take care of him. Even now, her beautiful kimono and slight Kyoto dialect make him feel excited. A summer surrounded by such beautiful mature women begins, and immoral and sensual days commence…​

Developer: TinkerBell
File Size: 1.53 GB
Version: 1.00
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Images & Screenshots


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