StrongGirls FMG Visual Novel [v4.0] By StrongGirls

StrongGirls Games released a new game called StrongGirls FMG Visual Novel and the version is 4.0. The game’s story is about Date girls with a gripping story that revolves around a mysterious muscle growth drink. Join Saya, Manami, and Yuka on horny misadventures. Female muscle growth scenes and nsfw sex scenes!​

Developer: StrongGirls
File Size: 2.47 GB
Version: 4.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Features completed routes for:
* Kasumi,
* Miyu,
* Kaori,
* Hino,
* Yuka,
* as well as story scenes.
Please report any bugs you find relating to these.

Missing content:
* Manami,
* Saya,
* Haruka,
* Naomi,
Do not report bugs relating to these as the content isn’t there.

If you are dating Saya or Manami when entering ep4, this beta will automatically UNGIRLFRIEND you. Be warned. I did this because Saya and Manami’s sections are not complete. So don’t report it as a bug, you simply cannot be with manami and saya in this beta (from september 17th ingame)

**NOTE: if you use an existing save, you will get a grey screen error when you load. Just click ignore and it will never appear again.** This happens because the save is trying to load the music file as a WAV. But all music files are .OGG now to compress for filesize.

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