Summer MC: That Time I Found a Magic Hypno Book [v0.14] By Hypnoink

Hypnoink Games released a new game called Summer MC: That Time I Found a Magic Hypno Book and the version is 0.14. The game’s story is about The story of a high school student who just started living with two beautiful women for the summer vacations. Not that anything will ever come out of that though, that is until he finds a magical hypno book! Is this the opportunity to turn this summer into the best one ever?​

Developer: Hypnoink
File Size: 757.9 MB
Version: 0.14
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • v0.14:
    • New Cameo! The event of this update focuses on Aiykawa’s Haru. Meet her, gain her trust and have some fun with her! Be sure to support them on their Patreon or their other support sites.
    • New Feature! You can now change the names of the main and secondary girls! As well as change how they call you while in trance. Special thanks to Trainboy for coding this into the game!
    • ~75 New CGs.
    • 6 New Videos! See them while having fun with Haru!
    • Custom Art featuring Tamako and Mana! Since they tied and the update came a bit slow I decided to add them both. The action was also a tie but since bj had won the previous one I decided to make it a sex scene. To unlock it you should try exploring in the city.
    • Updated the Patrons list! As usual this is only possible thanks to your support <3
    • Bug Fixes! Fixed an error that let you progress further than what you were meant to with Ayako, playing the events out of order and messing with the clues.

Developer Notes:

After enjoying a lot of the games uploaded here, I’ve finally decided to create my own. English is not my first language, but I think I can handle it pretty alright. Do point out any misspellings.

Seeing as I have some more free time I have decided to dedicate more time to this project. And after some thought I decided to open a Patreon for this little project of mine, to serve as both motivations for my work and responsibility to work on this consistently. If you played this game and want to support me I will be really happy. That being said, you’ll have my greatest gratitude for playing regardless of whether you support me on Patreon or not. I hope everyone can enjoy my games!

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