Summer of Shame [v0.41] BY Logan Scodini

Logan Scodini Games released a new game called Summer of Shame and the version is 0.41. The game’s story is about You are desperate, and must earn a summer internship or risk being expelled from the University’s Business Program. Fortunately, you have managed to find a position at Voluptas, a famous adult entertainment company. However, things are not always like they appear to be, and you quickly learn that the people with whom you’ll be working have their own hidden agendas. Will you attempt to resist this constant manipulation, or will you indulge in decadence and allow to become fully transformed? In any case, your life will never be the same after this summer!​

Developer: Logan Scodini
File Size: 1.26 GB
Version: 0.41
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

No Furries Detected ;(


Developer Notes:

Summer of Shame is a Visual Novel with multiple choices and outcomes. It is designed to have a variety of branches built around a common core, as you attempt to accomplish the tasks assigned to you. You mostly play from a submissive Point-of-View. Expect the game to contain scenes involving mind control, M/F, F/F, breasts modification, sissyfication, bimbofication, transformation into a woman, light BDSM and use of alcohol and pharmaceuticals/drugs. Summer of Shame features characters from Office Bully and the Dream Therapy series

Game Images & Screenshots


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