Symphony of the Void [v0.46] By Mad Doc

Mad Doc Games released a new game called Symphony of the Void and the version is 0.46. The game’s story is about Jevan Dre’allis is a member of the elite dark elven unit known as Wraiths – agents of the Temple of Xana-Rhoa, serving as assassins, spies and saboteurs. A series of unforeseen events will lead him to the independent port city of Mizea, a place of many wonders and opportunities as well as perils and mysteries. Forcibly drawn into schemes beyond his understanding, he finds himself in the middle of violent struggle for power, influence and revenge.

Meanwhile, the neighboring, human Kingdom of Aurelia is being engulfed in turmoil – demonic cults are on the rise due to Abyssal corruption spreading like a plague. In an effort to restore peace and security, the Church of the Eternal Light sends it’s zealous knights aided by ruthless inquisitors to cleanse the land. In order to survive, Jevan must adapt, learn new skills, gain unique powers, gather allies and servants alike if he hopes to defeat and subjugate his foes. On his long and arduous adventure, he will meet a vibrant cast of characters, each with their own goals and agendas. Trust and loyalty will become a rare luxury. As wise drow once said, “Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Developer: Mad Doc
File Size: 1.01 GB
Version: 0.46
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 1 story event with Eliza progressing ‘Monster of Mizea’ plotline
  • 1 special event: “Whisperer in the Darkness”
  • 1 event with Patricia: “Corrupted Flame”
  • 2 h-scenes with Zoe: Pet Training III(2 variations) and Fellatio III
  • 1 h-scene with Faeryl: Service II(2 variations)


  • Added: story event with Eliza
  • Added: story event “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” under Special Events
  • Added: ero/story event “Innocence lost” under Special Events
  • Added: repeatable ero-scenes for Faeryl: Pet play II, Aphordisia II and Service
  • Added: a new type of repeatable ero-scenes – Date with Alicia

Developer Notes:

Hey! I’m creating erotic Visual Novel(18+) titled Symphony of the Void, a fantasy-themed, interactive story inspired by many authors and works of fiction. The main kink will be mind control which is my favorite since I discovered Japanese saimin/mc games like Soushinjutsu(series), Maika games, Kangoku Senkan(series), Temptation Naked and others. Therefore I will try to explore many aspects of this fetish like: blank puppet, resisting subject/partially aware, fully aware/body control, sensory manipulation, memory manipulation, common sense manipulation, orgasm control. On top of that, there will be staple mind control tropes like post “hypnotic” triggers and commands. Planned future fetishes: exhibitionism, pet play, lesbian, BDSM, spanking, tickling As for NTR – no.

if we go by the actual definition. Some scenes like stripping, masturbating, dancing etc. in public will be unavoidable so if that’s not your thing, you have been warned. Same with lesbian and lezdom scenes. Physical sexual contact with other males will be a) easily avoidable, b) optional c) a small portion of overall porn content AND I will make alternative scene for those are are against whoring out girls so you wont feel like you’re losing out on content. This should be a reasonable compromise. Cheers!

Game Images & Screenshots


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