The Chronicles of rKnight Lancelot [Gold beta] By Unikorn10128168

Unikorn10128168 Games released a new game called The Chronicles of rKnight Lancelot and the version is Gold beta. The game’s story is about In this uproarious gay RPG adventure, players are transported to the whimsical world of Camelot, where swords whisper and treachery lurks in the shadows, Uther Pendragon forged Camelot with the legendary Excalibur. Among the children who grew up in the echoing halls were rKnight Lancelot, Arthur, Kay, and other Knights of the Round Table. However, their idyllic camaraderie crumbled when Uther’s trusted ally, Ban, betrayed him, setting off a chain of events that would forever alter the course of Camelot.

Ban, Lancelot’s father, poisoned Uther and stole Excalibur, leading to the abduction of Arthur. Justice came swiftly when Ector, Kay’s father, avenged the betrayal by slaying Ban. Arthur survived, but Lancelot faced a different fate – captive, branded as the offspring of a traitor and thief. Growing up in the cold shadows of scorn, Lancelot uncovered the twisted truths of his past. As Arthur embarked on a quest to reclaim Excalibur, their paths collided in a whirlwind of rivalry and love. Behind the clash of swords lay an unspoken bond that transcended the realms of friendship.

rKnight Lancelot is like smokin’ hot and he’ll surely have many NSFW moment with the hot guys. xD As players navigate the quirky world of Camelot, they’ll engage in zany, turn-based battles against fantastical creatures that include sassy sprites and sarcastic trolls. But the real treasure lies in discovering the kingdom’s “gay secrets,” which are as numerous as they are hilarious. Players can unearth hidden romances, uncover Arthur’s closet filled with sequined armor, and even participate in laugh-out-loud side quests that involve matchmaking for the kingdom’s most love-stricken knights. With its side-splitting storyline, offbeat characters, and a multitude of campy surprises, this RPG delivers laughter, love, and a whole lot of fabulousness in the legendary land of Camelot.

Developer: Unikorn10128168
File Size: 4.70 GB
Version: Gold beta
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Gold beta

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

So, welcome to the land of Camelot, where shadows gossip and Excalibur is just a distant glimmer. Here, Lancelot reigns as the dazzling underdog, the resilient hero, and the knight who proves that, no matter the drama, he’ll always slay. In a world where destiny meets delightful chaos, Lancelot is the knight in sequined armor we never knew we needed.

In the legendary realm of Camelot, where Excalibur once painted the kingdom with its brilliance, Lancelot stands as a character both bold and brilliantly fabulous. Born from a whirlwind of intrigue and sprinkled with the sparkle of his past, Lancelot is the resilient hero who manages to shine even when faced with a few raised eyebrows.

As the player, besides the main quest of finding Excalibur, beating the beast, and dating Arthur, you’ll have the delightful task of helping these charming knights discover their true loves, all while navigating witty banter, enchanting courtship rituals, and the occasional sword fight (with heart-shaped confetti, of course). Camelot Kingdom is a place where love is celebrated in all its forms, and you’re the cupid with a quiver full of arrows, ready to unite these dashing knights and handsome suitors in a whirlwind of romance and laughter. Get ready for a legendary love story like no other!

Race: Human
Age: 19
Hometown: Benoic
Occupation: Warrior
Long story short: Brave, hot but dumb xD

Meet the remarkable Lancelot, a powerful fighter, skillful swordman, strapping 19-year-old who’s so dashing, even the horses want to be him when they grow up. With his sun-kissed hair and a jawline so sharp, it’s rumored that he once cut an apple with it just to impress a squirrel. Lancelot’s got muscles that could put Hercules to shame, and a smile that makes the sun feel insecure about its brightness.

In the enchanting tapestry of Camelot’s love stories, enter Lancelot, the dazzling lovechild of Camelot’s resident troublemaker and the epitome of princely perfection, Arthur. Their love story is a quirky masterpiece, filled with glittery drama and unexpected twists. Lancelot waltzes through Camelot with a heart full of love and a flair for the dramatic. His love, much like his fashion sense, is anything but conventional.

Race: Elf
Age: 21
Hometown: Faldon Village, Pantheron Kingdom
Occupation: Wizard
Long story short: Sweet, but holding dark secrets

Meet James, the elf with more secrets than a magician’s hat! Hailing from a picturesque village in the whimsical Pantheron Kingdom, why is he in Camelot? Well, this elf didn’t cross half a kingdom just for the fish and chips. No, James came here on a quest to learn the mystical arts from the one and only Merlin. But here’s the twist: he’s got more secrets than Merlin has spell books. James has a knack for making even the simplest things seem like they’re part of a grand magical mystery. As he weaves his way through Camelot, you can’t help but wonder what in the realm he’s hiding behind that pointy ear of his. In a kingdom where knights wield swords and wizards wave wands, James is the enigma that keeps everyone guessing, and you can bet your enchanted boots that hilarity and chaos are never too far behind him!

Race: Human
Age: 19
Hometown: Camelot
Occupation: Prince
Long story short: Prince Charming

With a body could make something melt and something hard and a jawline sharper than the sassiest comebacks at a royal roast, Arthur is the embodiment of princely fabulousness. But, here’s the juicy gossip: his heart beats faster for none other than Lancelot, the knight whose charisma is as magnetic as a rainbow after a storm. Arthur’s attempts to woo Lancelot are a comedy of errors that would make even the most seasoned court jesters envious. He can lead armies into battle while twirling in a sequined cape, but when it comes to courting Lancelot, he’s as graceful as a flamingo wearing glass slippers on an ice rink. His love for Lancelot is a secret so well-guarded that even the kingdom’s most flamboyant gossip queens can’t spill the tea, and believe us, they’ve tried.


  • Full 3D gay role-playing experience.
  • Meet muscular, attractive characters with 5 companion stories to explore.
  • Enjoy 10+ thrilling and intimate scenes.
  • Engage in a turn-based RPG system inspired by Final Fantasy.
  • Embark on quests and master powerful magic and skills.
  • Do all funny gay things in a fantasy world with this NSFW gay game.

Special Rewards won’t have in the Standard version:

  • Fantasy Go-Go Boy Dance Club.
  • 1 extra dungeon and side story
  • 1 extra fun-able character and NSFW scene
  • The Printable Gayeti Zodiac Calendar for both 2023 and 2024.
  • Your name in game credits.

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