The Copycat [v0.7.0] By PiggyBackRide Productions

PiggyBackRide Productions Games released a new game called The Copycat and the version is 0.7.0. The game’s story is about Don’t you just hate it when it’s your first day back at school and your bully is waiting for you? After your father was murdered in a brutal killing, you thought the relentless bullying at school would slow down, but it only got worse. While struggling to fit in, can you break out of your shell and become popular or will you watch your bully spoil the family you have left? As if that wasn’t bad enough, a serial killer roams loose in St Louis, will he eventually set his eyes on someone close to you?

This is a story heavy game centered on the main character being haunted by his black bully as he tries to uncover his fathers murder. WARNING: This is a game involves sensitive themes such as bullying, Mom/bully NTR, interracial fetichism and strong language.

Developer: PiggyBackRide Productions
File Size: 2.29 GB
Version: 0.7.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


v.0.0.4 Public Release:

  • Jason faces consequences from his actions during the party
  • Jamal’s possessiveness intensifies, pressuring Gretchen for more
  • Savannah interviews with MCX, leaving Gretchen uncertain about navigating the new dynamics
  • A persistent fan starts harassing Gretchen publicly, raising concerns
  • A potential career lifeline emerges for Gretchen, but doubts linger
  • Brian is treated like a king back in school while Astrid is seemingly missing
  • Jamal ends his affair with the principal, leaving unanswered questions
  • Gretchen’s infiltration reaches a boiling point as they meet a rival gang, but can she come out of this in one piece?

v.0.0.2 Public Release,
***Don’t reuse your old save file for this download as it is not backwards compatible. Future updates will strive to be.***

Developer Notes:

This game is a murder mystery, combined with high school drama, slasher horror and gangland fantasy. Again, please note this is a NTR-heavy game with sensitive subject matters. I would kindly advice against playing this game if you dislike such content.

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