The Green Shadow Rachel [v0.11] BY Roshi2000

Roshi2000 Games released a new game called The Green Shadow Rachel and the version is 0.11. The game’s story is about is back! Fan made by Roshi and Limpy.​

Developer: Roshi2000
File Size: 2.19 GB
Version: 0.11
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details


version 0.9

1) Remade the student event pt2
2) Remade the fist fight at the arena
3) Remade the fight against the boys
4)Added one more enemy for the fighting arena
5) Added one more scene with the fairy
6) Added two more sexual attacks for the thugs
7) Added 3 new mini events
8) Added new dialogues for npc.
9) Added 1 new attack for Rachel
10) Added a STD system
11) Fixed older bugs

version 0.8

1) Remade the Mudman event
2) Remade the Ratman event
3) Added 3 more sex scenes with the Ratman
4) Added new things at the battle system
5) Added new weapons and some events that you can buy them.
6) Added 2 mini events at the street. (one with police officers and one with a street photographer.)

Game Images & Screenshots


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