The Lewdest House [v0.1.15] By DMF

DMF Games released a new game called The Lewdest House and the version is 0.1.15. The game’s story is about In this fangame, you will play as Lincoln, the siblingfucker protagonist of The Loud House, (its a Nickelodeon cartoon) as he tries to build up the courage to flirt with his crush, Ronnie Ann Santiago, while he notices that he can “practice” with his sisters. Will our hero maintain himself 100% loyal to his crush, or will fall in the incestuous trap overcomplicated life the writers of the original cartoon made for him?​

Developer: DMF
File Size: 431 MB
Version: 0.1.15
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Day 5 of the game is complete!
  • ️ This includes: 8 new minicomics, and 3 more CGs.
  • Remade all of Lincoln’s sprites, shirtless version included. This prepared me to work on girl’s costumes for future chapters!
  • Remade stats screens to be more legible.
  • Added XP and Level-Up system, this will be helpful in the future.
  • Remade the character codex, allowing space for more characters in the future.
  • ‍‍‍ Updated the character codex, many new characters were added.
  • Character entries on the codex will unlock only after meeting them for the first time. (Non-family characters)
  • Bugs and typos found on 0.1.14 (supporter exclusive) are now fixed.
  • Fixed dialog lines were the frame was smaller than the text on Android.
  • Updated and fixed Android icon.
  • ️ Some broken gallery entries now are fixed
  • ️ The gallery for this update’s scenes is updated too!
  • Added ‘Skip Time’ button during some free roam sections, this will help players with bugs due to using certain ‘broken’ save files.
  • This is probably the LAST UPDATE BEFORE THE FULL RELEASE OF CHAPTER 2! Now you can stop asking when it will be finished


What’s New? Well, the full story, a couple of hooks for the next chapter, new sprites, new “minicomic” format scenes (4) (haven’t seen something similar on other VN tbh, maybe in DanganRonpa…) sex scenes with Lynn, a lewd scene featuring SPOILERS, I’m not telling you!

Quality of Life & Bugs Thanks to the feedback on the public survey, I fixed some accessibility issues, among other stuff:

  • Readable colors (Lori’s lightblue, and brave’s orange colors are now darker and readable.)
  • “Continue” button on main menu, to quickly jump to the last saved file.
  • “Resume” button on pause menu (literally, there was no Resume button until now, LMAO)
  • Position of some buttons (Return button on Lincoln’s computer were inaccessible on mobile, same with some other buttons like in the Map menu.)
  • Character Codex: You never watched the show, and only know the characters thanks to their porn? NO PROBLEM! Read all the necessary lore in the character codex, (Bobby, Lynn Sr. and Lucy sprites are WIP atm.)
  • Bugs, typos, lots of them are fixed, and more will appear later and I will have to fix them too!
  • Fixed inaccessible sex scene with Lynn (Make sure to get 4 love points with her or more before the end of the game)
  • Fixed some sprites and scenes to maintain a single art style, and will continue fixing some more…
  • Prepared stuff for making the usage of this version’s savefiles, compatible with the next chapter, let’s hope it is enough!

What’s Next? When is chapter 2? HOLD YOUR HORSES! CatSpeaker and me are already working on the script for the next chapter. He’s doing an awesome work, and started like a week or so ago! meanwhile, I planned all the stuff to come, and HOW it will come, I’m talking about the updates!

Yes, this chapter took some time to complete… but hey, it’s my first game! In retrospective, I can see a LOT of stuff I did wrong at first. And I’m already trying to fix that on this next chapter, primordially, the organization… Those who know me, already knows I like to have my stuff organized, clear, and polished… but I want MORE, because MORE, the BETTER HAHAHAHAH!! (thunder effect)


  • Initial Release
  • Original art that combines the original show style and the artist’s to create an immersive feel.
  • An story that continues from the end of the third season of The Loud House, adapting the variety of personalities to the game’s setting without breaking character too much.
  • CG’s for Ronnie and Lynn, among other minor scenes.

Developer Notes:

Planned content for the game:

  • Simultaneous “routes” with both Ronnie Ann, and Lincoln’s older sisters: Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lynn, including NSFW scenes!
  • Later but also the same with his younger sisters (except for Lily): Lucy, Lola, Lana, and Lisa.
  • Both character-focused chapters, and free roam parts, to explore and upgrade stats with the girls.
  • Character codex to quickly know who is who if you are new to the show, don’t be shy.

Work in progress:

  • The rest of this first chapter (including new places, CGs, and NSFW scenes.)
  • Music and Sound

You can find a very detailed, and updated almost in real time, roadmap.

Game Images & Screenshots


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