The Martin Experiment [Alpha v24.04.23] By The Martin Experiment

The Martin Experiment Games released a new game called The Martin Experiment and the version is Alpha 24.04.23. The game’s story is about The Martin Experiment is an erotic comedy visual novel full of mysteries and conspiracies. You play as Martin, a young man who has been abandoned by his father without any notice and left to fend for himself. Feeling betrayed and on the brink of losing his mind in fear of being evicted, Martin has let himself go, heavily neglecting his hygiene and sustenance.But when a beautiful woman shows up at his door, Martin’s life takes an unexpected turn. She calls him by name, but Martin has no idea who she is. Despite his reluctance to interact with anyone, Martin knows he must open the door and confront the unknown woman standing on the other side. What could happen from this encounter?​

Developer: The Martin Experiment
File Size: 277.8 MB
Version: Alpha 24.04.23
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Alpha – v24.04.23

Developer Notes:

What you can expect from this game:

  • Several comic reactions and unexpected situations.
  • Characters with well-documented psychological traits you can easily relate to.
  • Fine-tuned sexual interactions, kinks, and fantasies through constant feedback from Patreon supporters.
  • Compelling mysteries to solve and subplots to discover.

Plans for this alpha release:

  • I want to redraw every sprite and background of this game to match the current art style we have, using all the techniques and tools we learned in 4 years of development. You will notice the drastic quality change during the gameplay and will understand why It’s needed.
  • I want to write more dialogue and thoughts for Martin based on the player’s actions and clicks. I have all the structure to pull this up in place already.
  • I want to crack some laughs inserting at least one hilarious minigame for this alpha.

This project relies on the generous support from Patreon and Subscribestar users to keep funding our efforts to bring this game to life. This wouldn’t be possible without you! I’m planning to make an extra effort to organize my schedule and start providing valuable content for supporters and also on social media, starting in the following weeks!

That’s perfectly fine If you’re unable to pledge, or don’t want to. Just playing The Martin Experiment is already a great form of support! You can also help by spreading the word about this game to others. Your support means the world to me!

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