The Night Driver [v1.1] By BlackToad

BlackToad Games released a new game called The Night Driver and the version is 1.1. The game’s story is about The Night Driver is a point-and-click, RPG, adult game. Set in a dark and dirty world, full of drug dealers, prostitutes, criminals, and liars. The main story is set around families with a history of crime, backstabbing, and affairs.

Developer: BlackToad
File Size: 868.0 MB
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New Raven’s gameplay, until the end of her chapter (her gameplay). I will still put some more scenes and gameplay in it, but when you go into the VIP room in Pink Flamingo it’s the end of her chapter. For now, I know for sure there will be more scenes with Aaliyah and more scenes at Pink Flamingo with girls there.
  • New scenes with Christina. If Gina’s love is less than 15 – she is not jealous, basically didn’t say “No” in the scene with Boris and Gina – she will leave a note on the kitchen table about Christina calling the next day.
  • Cathrine scenes – will trigger at the end of the day when you talk to Nicole and Vasyl about Gina, almost at the beginning of the game. I left some of the planned scenes (option “Keychain with a scull”) for the next update because it was already too much work. Drink at the bar – you can ask Tanya for a drink at the bar.
  • Party with Tanya and her friend – One night, after you talk to Vasyl about Nicole, and get objective to check on Jen, ask for a drink at the bar. You need 300 money to go to the party with Tanya and Maya. Ending the party with Tanya is not in the game yet, but anyway, it doesn’t have a sex scene with her anyway. They will flirt and later on in the game, it will happen.
  • There are two “Look at” girls options in the game now, for Anna and Gina, it gives a Lust stat.
  • Other stuff: Some missing portraits, items graphic, new environments, etc. Almost no bug fixing, this update was about new things.

New gameplay with Raven (finally). I’m so hyped about it, I think it’s good, but you tell me. This is about ⅓ of her gameplay. But if it feels right and fun, it could be longer.

(maybe some spoilers)

Her gameplay is a classic point and click, you don’t have many choices, and you can’t progress if you don’t do everything you are supposed to do in the area you are in. And like classic point and click you can hear her thoughts. Advice: use CTRL.

New Anna poses are added in her sex scene. I like the idea to add some new poses or just to make bigger the scene that is already in the game, in some way. Especially with an update like this, where are no sex scenes in the new gameplay. Because I dont want to force sex scenes, but I want to have something sexy in the update.


You can go to the main menu – Gallery – then press the rotary dial phone there to unlock all the scenes.

Game Images & Screenshots


Win: TheNightDriverV1.1.7z – 868.0 MB
Mac: – 935.7 MB
Extras: SaveFilesV0.9a.7z – 139 KB



Extras: Save (0.9a)

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