The Outlaw: Empyrean War [v0.3] By Flutewind

Flutewind Games released a new game called The Outlaw: Empyrean War and the version is 0.3. The game’s story is about This is you. A nobody in the Kingdom of Walshemia until you travel to the Capital. There, you are slandered and incarcerated in prison by the Church. You break your way out. This is you. An outlaw, seeking truth and revenge. Elsewhere, with the civilized peoples unaware, dark forces begin to stir ….

The Outlaw: Empyrean War is a fantasy-themed, text-based RPG/Sandbox game with simple and intuitive combat, various quests, minimal grinding, and varied adult scenes. The Outlaw is made with Twine.

Developer: Flutewind
File Size: 1.06 MB
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Third release! New content include:
    Selvil: a southern port city, accessible after a certain point in the main quest
    One dungeon: an undead ruins. There’s a new dungeon system so hopefully there’s more randomization than the previous two.
    Arachne Cult: a secret cult in Selvil
    Main Quest continued, with two major events: the Battle of Dornburg and the Council that follows. If you play your cards right, you can win your archenenemy Priestess Selene as a sl–ehm, indentured servant.
    Brothel Quest: build your own brothel and recruit prostitutes from around the world (read: Dornburg and Selvil–for now)
    Selene Quest: a miniquest to bind Selene’s loyalty
    Naval combat against pirates
    Thalestris has 3 repeatable scenes in her tent
    Selene has 7 repeatable scenes, also in her tent
    miniscenes in the brothel
    Finishing the Spearton battle well should grant the title “Leaf-Crowned”, but due to some bad coding it didn’t work. It has been fixed, and for players who have played past that, talking to Thalestris should grant it.

Developer Notes:

Hello! I’m Flutewind, amateur developer of The Outlaw: Empyrean War. I hope you’ll enjoy the game. Here are some broad strokes about the future of the game:

Release schedule: firstly, my work in the Outlaw is purely a side hobby. With that in mind, I plan to release roughly every two months. This plan is tentative and may change in the future.
Price: the Outlaw is 100 percent free and I intend to keep it so. I also do not accept donations; if you find the Outlaw enjoyable, please leave a positive review instead.
Gameplay: v0.1 contains the entirety of the first chapter. It is intended to serve as a–well, it’s not exactly a prologue, but a sort of appetizer to the bulk of the game. What you have seen in v0.1 is generally indicative of future content plans: quests, combat, free-roam, and so on.
Images, gifs, etc: currently there are no plans to include images, gifs, and such, due to budget constrains.
Sexual content: the sex scenes in the Outlaw will tend to be of relatively mainstream nature, with some weight on maledom’s side. More tags are expected to be added as the game progresses, however there are a few tags that will not be included, simply because I am not comfortable enough with my ability to write them or have certain personal objections: gay, furry, necrophilia, loli, scat, and vore.

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