The Pilgrimage [v2.00] By Messman

Messman Games released a new game called The Pilgrimage and the version is 2.00. The game’s story is about Between her adventures with famous commander Tali Zorah went to her pilgrimage to help quarian Flotilla. What can goes wrong? Seems like everything.​

Developer: Messman
File Size: 9.32 GB
Version: 2.00
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v2.00 Release

Game update. Version 2.00

Previous save files must work.

Content to check:

Lizards game over:
To activate this event Tali needs to be catched by a big croc. I made a menu so you can choose to be rescued by Charn or start the game over+. Welcome to the tribe!

  • Scenes in usual tents with Tali. Two variations. To get DP – kick the ass of a lizard who comes for the first time alone. Activation random after each rest. Low lewd Tali will fight.
  • Scenes in usual tents with AMI. Two variations. Just check the tents each day.
  • Scenes with big Tali and croc. First you will get it after the event starts the next day. just check his tent each day to get low or high lewd scenes. Each lewd level has its own unique scene.
  • Big croc+Tali and lizard girl. To get this scene you need to impress the chieftain by “tributing” him several times. Black lizard girl will ask Tali for help later. Just visit the chieftain tent.
  • Scene with lizard girl and big croc. One of these days you can find this scene by checking croc’s tent.
  • Clanhall animations. Some groping. If Tali gets angry and loses the fight – you will get punished. High lewd Tali can make under table blowjobs/licks.
  • Clanhall Tali+AMI blowjob. You need to take a quest from the little ugly guy to bring him some wine. Then just go work in clanhall.
  • Ugly goblin scenes. High lewd Tali can accept his proposal in exchange to help escape. Low lewd Tali can pay a lizard girl to get her scene with a goblin. Also if you make him angry and then ask him for help – he can take revenge on Tali.

Other content:

  • New shower scenes with flying bugs and restart of open hatch quest. If you already did it and found training grounds – just go rest and try to use the shower. Two new scenes – anal and vaginal triggers randomly.
  • New hounds animations after Tali and Tika lost the battle-fuck. The length of the scene depends on how many hounds are still alive.
  • Nyun scene with frogs on camera number 7 in lab after you send her on mission,
  • Nyun scene with elcor can be checked after Tali rejects Zeltan’s proposal. After that, just go check the bar.
  • New AMI program can be found in a room with quarian girl records. Use the terminal.
  • New red varren scene. To trigger it Tali needs to fail her escape twice.
  • Blackmail scenes with Tika and Tali. Now on the first dialogue with vorcha after Tali took the bottle there will be a new option – try to trick him. After this just come back and check the scene. The high lewd Tali will get an extended version.
  • Blackmail anal scene with Tali and vorchas. Activation of this scene is the same as for DP scene, but to get this scene Tali must have a strange drink ready.
  • Phantom scene can be activated if you meet her in prison again. Apes must be in prison (fix the lock). If you already met phantom and apes still in prison – just skip 4 days. It works on the first meet. Choose to use a dart(Tali must have at least 1 dart).

Other changes:

  • Jesora, Serok, Nyun, Zeltan, Charn and Farg now have 3 voice lines each, which activate randomly when you click on them. Made by AI.
  • Added the poison grenade usage in vents to remove encounters: thorns, eggs, walldick and slugs. Tali must have poison grenades to make it.

Developer Notes:

Please let me know if you find bugs or errors in game.

Game Images & Screenshots

Update Only (v1.95 -> v2.00): GOFILE – MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN


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