The Spice Pirate [Ch. 1] By Tak Mycket

Tak Mycket Games released a new game called The Spice Pirate and the version is Ch. 1. The game’s story is about

After a request from your father, you find yourself embroiled in the Kraken’s quest to regain his spice essence.

The Spice Pirate is a romantic, plot-driven AVN which takes place in the late 17th Century in a fictional world.

Developer: Tak Mycket
File Size: 2.59 GB
Version: Ch. 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter One:

  • ~80 minutes of Playing Time
  • 1848 Renders
  • 0 Animations
  • 2 Choices

Developer Notes:

Planned Tags: Multiple Endings, Anal Sex, Pregnancy (Impregnation), Interracial, Virgin

  • All lewd content will be OPTIONAL and AVOIDABLE. There will never be any NTR of any kind and all sexual acts depicted in The Spice Pirate will involve the protagonist.
  • The Spice Pirate‘s primary focus will be romance.
  • It will be a single LI AVN meaning each ending will only feature one Love Interest. However, there will also be a manwhore path you can play. You also won’t have to choose which LI to pursue right from the start.
  • In terms of choices there will only be a tiny amount of branching in Chapter One – though the choices you make now will have a significant impact in later Chapters.
  • The male domination will not transcend into humiliation and is mostly on the lighter side of domination.

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