The Spinney [v0.19] By Dannot Games

Dannot Games released a new game called The Spinney and the version is 0.19. The game’s story is about You in 2024, after a mysterious disease (around 20% of the population is dead), riots happened in every big city around the world. You decide to retire to a family house, near the beach and far away from the city. Your goal is to survive, to establish a sustainable way of life. Roam around the place, maybe you will meet interesting people!​

Developer: Dannot Games
File Size: 5.79 GB
Version: 0.19
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Technical:
  • Add the possibility to explore alone
  • Add the possibility to explore with Vanna
  • Add the replay mode & gallery for each girl and for the main story.
  • Add arrow to navigate between each girl screen to avoid going back to the relation menu
  • Split the audio between Music & Voice Channel. Now you can change the volume of the music & the video separately in Preferences menu.
  • Change the phone icon to something smaller & more modern
  • Add the possibility to change the profil pic of each girl when you reach a new Level with her.-Add a new profil pic for each level for each girl. (67 pics for old Levels, 6 pics for new levels)
  • Blur the logo on the 2 last events of the update (Alina & Ariana Level 8) –> I will do it later for all the video already in the game.
  • Add the possibility to release your corruption with a choosen girl, and not only Vina. (Alina & Ariana will be the 2 first in the next update)
  • Story content:
  • Main event : 2 Main Events, 4 exploration events
  • Vina: 2 side events
  • Kenzie: /
  • Ariana: 1 Level, 3 Steps, 3 phone events, 3 side events
  • Lacy: /
  • Alina: 1 level, 2 Steps, 3 phone events
  • Jillian: 1 phone event, 1 side event
  • Aidra: 1 Level, 2 Steps, 1 phone event
  • Vanna: 1 side event, 1 phone event
  • Emily: /
  • Athena: 1 Step
  • Kyler : 1 Level, 3 Steps, 2 Phone events
  • Haley : 2 Levels, 4 Steps, 1 Phone event, 3 side events
  • Shared events: 3 Events
  • Bugfix:
  • Change the font’s color of Vina & Emily screens to have something less bright
  • Fix a bug where a repeatable event with Ariana was unreachable in the evening
  • Fix UI Ariana Level 7 not displayed in her screen
  • Fix UI Lacy Level 7 not displayed in her screen
  • Fix UI Jillian Level 7 not displayed in her screen
  • Fix UI Athena Level 4 not displayed in her screen
  • Fix UI Emily Level 5 not displayed in her screen
  • Fix a bug where the repeatable sex with jillian in the morning was not decreasing corruption
  • Fix a bug where go back button in exploration mode bring you back in kitchen instead of room
  • Fix Vanna’s location in the night (was missing)

Developer Notes:

Hello, it’s my first game as a developer. I’ve played a lot of Renpy games, and I was curious about how it works. So I decided to build one to learn, and try something new ! It was hard for me to learn the Renpy language & rendering at the same time, so I choose to focus on Renpy. This game is with real images. I’ve a full time work, so I’m doing it on my free time. I’m not a native english speaker, if you notice mistakes, feel free to tell me ! If you have any idea how I can improve the game, or what you prefer, you’re welcome too. I’m open to all constructive feedback.

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: WALKTHROUGH v0.19

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