Tomb of Destiny [Ch. 1 + Ch. 2 v0.2] By UltraBabes

UltraBabes Games released a new game called Tomb of Destiny and the version is Ch. 1 + Ch. 2 0.2The game’s story is about In this audio-visual novel, you play the role of a newly appointed assistant to (fully voiced!) famous British archeologist Clara Loft.

Dive head first into an adventure filled with cheeky humor, pop culture references and a lot of lewdness. Your choices and behavior will affect your relationship with Clara and eventually shape your – and her – destiny. Will you try to win her heart or act like a (literal) dick?​

Developer: UltraBabes
File Size: 375.6 MB
Version: Ch. 1 + Ch. 2 v.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ch1 1.1 + Ch2 0.2 public

  • first implementation of dungeon exploration: right now focuses on collectable items, more will be added later
  • inventory system
  • sleeping / passing days
  • improved chat system: new chat options will be added dynamically depending on story events / progress
  • gift system
  • corruption system: Clara will slowly warm up to more lewd acts
  • anger system: Clara will be angered when you push her to do something she is not comfortable with (yet). Can be reduced by passing time or gifts
  • first implementation of interaction system: get Clara’s ‘help to donate’
  • repeatable actions will increase your arousal until you are ready to cum
  • once you reach your limit you can decide to ‘donate’… or not 😉
  • donating will open the treasure room door further (there will always be a limit to this in the current build as long as the story is under development)
  • Content:
  • sexy berry eating scene
  • dance interaction
  • handjob interaction
  • 1 new secret gallery image
  • first night scene event featuring Volta (happens after day 5)

Developer Notes:

Hey everyone – I love the F95 community and look forward to your feedback on Tomb of Destiny!
I wanted to make sure to have a proper first chapter ready on initial release, rather than just a 5 minute demo, so it’s already stuffed with a lot of content. It is pretty linear though, this will change with Chapter 2, where the gameplay will be more in the style of corruption/trainer games. Check out the public posts on my Patreon for more detailed information about the game’s road map.
I’m also open about the fact that I use some AI image generation in my workflows, but it’s combined with other more traditional methods and just a way to speed up the workflow and/or get better results. So while I know it’s a controversial topic, I hope you can see that at the end it will just help the game to become better and move forward in development more rapidly.

Game Images & Screenshots


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