Train Capacity 300% [v2.24.3.4 Steam] By Beel ze bub

Beel ze bub Games released a new game called Train Capacity 300% and the version is Steam. The game’s story is about Welcome back to paradise with 300% full capacity I thought I was the only one left behind in society. When she works and her eyes are open, she still thinks only about molesters. They won’t understand. But I decided not to turn back​

Developer: Beel ze bub
File Size: 2.66 GB
Version: Steam
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

DLC Added

DLC added

Developer Notes:

Hunting grounds have been expanded not only inside trains and platforms, but also inside stations. Equipped with a “new” system for a “new” hero, “Ni” with a 300% full rate departs. Catch the target, grope it, hunt it down if it escapes, and–

Hosono Nagisa A Minato-ku girl who works with a ruling party member of parliament and a dad. She is a smart and conscious person, but her family is a poor household with 16 siblings. Her allowance quickly goes towards paying for food for her sisters, so she commutes from her parents’ house on a packed train.

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