Trap Battle Royale [v1.05b] By Dry Dream

Dry Dream Games released a new game called Trap Battle Royale and the version is 1.05b. The game’s story is about Our story begins in the kingdom of Filhaim, a land shared by monsters and human alike. Monster slayers are the most important and revered people in the kingdom. Among those are the “Holy Knights”, elite slayers Protagonist Louis a pure, hardworking boy who dreams of becoming a knight. That are said to choose worthy successors once every hundred years .

His childhood friend Erina loves him, but fears that one day his bravery will be the end of him when it comes to fighting monsters. One day, after slipping out from church to play with Louis, an old arena catches Erina’s eye. Yes, if She becomes stronger than Louis, she can protect him. She begins her training in an art that has felled many a man … seduction.

Developer: Dry Dream
File Size: 911.3 MB
Version: 1.05b
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


The contents of the ending event were added.
The number of basic HCGs has been increased by one.

Developer Notes:

! An Adventure RPG Filled With Reverse Rape And No-Reversal Masochist Action
The Training Academy Is Holding It’S Post-Graduation Boys Vs Girls Battle Royale,
And The Protagonist Will Be Up Against Both Deadly Traps And Crushing Female Seduction!

– Featuring Multiple Endings, A corruption system, and lots of bad statuses!

[Pose Art Changes]
Pose art change as you take damage from enemy characters.
Clothes can break, and using girls’ weapons may transform you !?

Get smacked with seduction attacks during battle, complete with beautiful full-screen illustrations.

Defeat events are included for every enemy, with different illustrations for each!
Watch protagonist Louis meet his cum-squeezed doom ….

[Trap Events]
Various traps await you at every turn, even including at the equipment shop!
Over 30 traps will try to corrupt Louis with ultimate pleasure. Don’t give in to the girls and monsters!

Pose art: 30 characters (52 base CG)
Event CG: 68 base CG (116 including variations)

Game Images & Screenshots


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