Troubled Legacy [v0.0.28] By Blackthunder_vn

Blackthunder_vn Games released a new game called Troubled Legacy and the version is 0.0.28. The game’s story is about We join the life of this 21-year-old man the day everything changes. Until this point, he has managed to forge a stable although not overly prosperous life with his divorcée Godmother and her two daughters, after having lost his parents at a young age and being estranged from their extended family. The daughters, Mary & Elisabeth, have recently moved away. Mary to college and Elisabeth with her boyfriend. Leaving our MC living with the Godmother Edith, both working to pay the bills and keeping up with the youngest’s tuition. The time together bringing them closer.

But on this day, his Troubled Legacy intrudes and forces everyone to make new plans, as they face off with the equal parts tempting and outright chilling ramifications of his birthright. Play the game to experience what wild events, daunting challenges, and tantalizing opportunities ensue!​

Developer: Blackthunder_vn
File Size: 3.18 GB
Version: 0.0.28
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • added Day14, 15, 16 and 17
  • Plus 2196 new renders
  • Plus 4129 new lines

Developer Notes:

Current Tags: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Big Tits, Big-ass , Milf, Voyeurism, Harem, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Animated, Romance, kinetic-novel (but planning choices in the future, becoming a VN). Big tits, Big ass (but on the more realistic, less extreme side).

Plans: Right now is something of a Kinetic Novel, but planning more with limited choices and branching. Main plot will probably not branch too much but side stories may allow you to get into more optional bits and avoidable fetishes. This may include brief (skippable) free-roam times but will not be a sandbox game. Pregnancy and Stripping will also probably happen, those tags will be added when appropriate.

Notes on controversial tags based on current game and plans the future:

NTR: Not planning NTR, but our MC is not the only male in this universe having sex. References to others having sex will occur; you will NOT be forced to watch, but may occasionally have the option to. Once recruited to the MC’s side, no Love Interests will be with other men. (No offense intended to NTR lovers, just not going there.)

Blackmail: Our MC will not be blackmailing, extorting, or coercing anyone to get sex, but others doing so is an element of the story.

Sharing/Swinging: Our MC will not be sharing with another male. No swinging. Some amount of limited girl-on-girl sharing between members of the “Harem” occurs, but that’s not a main feature.

Prostitution: Our MC is not a pimp. No prostituting of the women in his life will happen by his hand. And once in his life will not be occurring by anyone’s hand. You may end up seeing women our MC is not (at least yet) involved with prostituted and the MC attempts to bring them out of that life, however.

Voyeurism: So far this has been love interest females enjoying watching the MC with another female. If we add other scenes with other males, would be skippable and not with our love interests.

Incest: Despite a passing resemblance with the setup for this game, it is not an incest story. There are some taboo & near taboo content with the Godmother and her daughters. But we don’t expect this to be easily patched to actual incest as the story won’t exactly work. Therefore there has been no effort made to make an incest patch easy.

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