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Download the complete game file of Viceburg 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Viceburg on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Developer: MadProd
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac

Game Storyline

You have been admitted to a prestigious college in a new country. Upon arrival, you discover that something unusual is happening at the college, and it’s now up to you to find out exactly what. There are other students studying at this institution as well. You have the ability to influence them, persuading them to follow your directives. You can alter their minds and bodies according to your desires or undergo changes yourself.

Version Changelog


– Customization of NPC generation (Gender/Race/Sexual Orientation). The NPC generator does not affect your neighbor, the merchants, or quest NPCs.
– Player customization. You will receive points and will be able to distribute them to enhance various attributes.
– Events have been reworked after defeating the pimp (new locations and opportunities added).
– In the clinic, it’s now possible to earn some money.
– The sex system has been slightly modified to reduce the number of clicks required.
– There’s now an option to surrender before a fight to save energy.
– A difficulty system has been added. Currently, there are two levels of difficulty. On the easy level, missing classes is not counted.
– New pose for the sex system, specifically for the male character.
– Minor changes to the sex system.
– New locations: Residential Area, Player’s Apartment, Entertainment District, Bar.
– You can buy an apartment.
– NPCs can now follow you.
– NPCs will no longer engage in sex if other NPCs are nearby.
– You can now use your phone to ask NPCs to come to you.
– You can ask or force NPCs to leave a location
– You will be able to invite NPCs to a bar and spike their drinks.
– Modifications to some events to align with the new update.
– Minor text changes.
– A huge number of bugs have been fixed (including videos that previously didn’t display).
– Several systems have been rewritten, including the attractiveness calculation system. Now, it works correctly.

Game Images

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