WelCUM To The City [v0.9.1] By Quiquersson

Quiquersson Games released a new game called WelCUM To The City and the version is 0.9.1. The game’s story is about After your father’s death, things start to get difficult in your life, so you’ve decided to accept your stepmother’s invitation to move back in with her and her daughter, just like it used to be when you were just a kid. However… You are a grown man now, and some things must have changed.

Developer: Quiquersson
File Size: 389.8 MB
Version: 0.9.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Bug Fix: stepsis no longer keep talking after leaves.
  • Bug Fix: MC’s dialogue about stepsis in the early morning no longer happens when the scene is not available.
  • Translation: Translation to Brazilian Portuguese is now completed for scenes.
  • Fight Minigame: The fight minigame no longer needs 4 buttons during click time, but only 1. However, click time is even faster.


  • Mobile Optimization: The game must be running way more light now! Also, the quick menu was reworked for the mobile version and have icons instead of letters so that they’re easier to click. In addition, a hide button was added, so mobile users can see scenes without windows and effects.
  • Reworked Background: Changed school backgrounds and home bathroom to a new 3D render style instead of IA images. Some home backgrounds were reworked too, and step-mother’s bedroom is now available.
  • Reworked Database: You have clearer information about characters on the menu.
  • Infinite Time: Now you can enjoy a free gameplay. No more message at the end of the game showing that the content is over. Just check the Content List on character’s menu to know what is available, and decide what you want to do.
  • H Scene & Minigame: Visit your step-cousin in her office to do a check-up. Resist your urges to impress her!
  • Park Scene: Step-sister’s park scene is back in the game and reworked to fit in the storyline. Grow her intimacy and invite her to go home together at 13h to unlock the scene.
  • Mini Scenes: At weekend, you can watch TV with your step-sister, and at Sunday, you can practice yoga with your step-mother. (PROTOTYPE: More content may be added on these scenes).

v0.5.0 Release

  • Turn ON/OFF Text Effects: Now you can choose if animated texts from dialogue will appear or not, so you can have the best game experience without any crashes.
  • Dialogue visual improvement: More colorful text for laughs; names; and thoughs.
  • Dialogue audio improvement: Each character has a more personal voice and way of speaking.
  • Gallery improvement: Now you can pass through images; hide/show buttons; set an image as your phone wallpaper; and check artists’ info from arts added from Kawaii Character Creator special code (Check the game info to see the code for this version!).
  • Anatomy rework: The script that changes characters sprites size now works different. Character’s head no longer increases in the same proportion as the body. The taller the characters are, the smaller is their heads in comparison to their bodies; the lower the characters are, the less the proportion changes. (No changes were made to the Childhood Friend anatomy).
  • Music rework: Known musics from the game have been remixed and new ones were added.
  • Week System: The days of the week are being counted now and characters’ routine activities have been updated.
  • Rebalanced affection points: Lust increases at a much greater rate, but also reduces considerably with each passing day; Stepsister’s affection depends less directly on your personality and more on her love for you.
  • New character and scenes: Your school days started and now you have a new place to explore, with new scenes to live and a new character to meet. (The options for the school scenes still do not have a real importance in game mechanics, but only an informative purpose for the plot and its background story).

v0.4.0 Release

  • New Phone Buttons: Added “Settings” and “Discord” buttons on the Phone. Now, when you type the cheat code, the code button will no longer open a new screen. Instead, the new options are added in the settings screen.
  • Reworked night effect: Added a light effect to simulate artificial lighting at night
  • New characters: Your step-cousin and step-grandmother are added to the game
  • New scenes: Start a video call to witness very fun moments with the family

v0.3.2 Release

  • Item sprites: Items now appear in characters’ hands
  • Gallery Bonus Photos: Check Kawaii Character Creator information and get a code to unlock 2 bonus photos to your phone gallery

Developer Notes:

WelCUM To The City is a visual novel with some RPG and sandbox features, where you can upgrade your character skills and your decisions affect the world around you. The intention is that this game is not one more linear story game where you just keep clicking and doing repetitive things again and again. The intro was also planned to be interactive and short so it doesn’t get boring.

  • Cute sounds for dialogues
  • Naming freedom for all characters
  • Generate character names if you don’t wanna choose
  • Characters have preferences of traits. You can’t be the best to everyone
  • No right or wrong. Choices have consequences and it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you
  • Intro/Prologue where you can choose your first traits and meet the other characters
  • Stats points (intelligence; physical condition; and charisma)
  • Skill points (guitar; massage; and teaching)

Available Characters

  • PERSONALITY: tsundere/stubborn; nerd; geek; girly
  • CLUB: ???


  • PERSONALITY: mothery; compassionate

Childhood Friend

  • PERSONALITY: deredere/genki; energetic; naive, stupid
  • CLUB: Sports; Swimming

Expected features

  • Better UI: (better art; girls database; item bag; skill perks; city map)
  • Day/Night cicle
  • City map: school; beach; shoppingmall; places to work
  • Places to work: gym; massage house;
  • Job/Work system
  • Stats and skills upgrade
  • Sex scenes
  • Dates & events with girls
  • Art improvement

Themed Features

  • No sex without consent
  • No NTR or cheating
  • Light and saturated colors
  • Kawaii anime-like chibi characters
  • Harem
  • Ecchi
  • Milf
  • Tsundere/Stubborn
  • Deredere/genki
  • Incest (well… not really)
  • Romance/Love/Cute
  • Sex/Erotic

Game Images & Screenshots


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