Yomu [v0.01] By Milky Bone

Milky Bone Games released a new game called Yomu and the version is 0.01. The game’s story is about The main story will take place in the cathedral, where a series of murders are taking place. Nara passed a difficult test to become a nun there and expected to have a normal life. But now she will be monitored by the main investigator and will end up trying helping him solve the case. A lot of people will try to kill or use her. You can make Nara strong enough to survive or bring strong people to her side.​

Developer: Milky Bone
File Size: 186.0 MB
Version: 0.01
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Yomu is an interactive visual novel that follows Nara, a peasant that only wants to avoid fights and take care of her own life. But by the randomness of the universe now she must share her body with an ancient demon.

The story will be shown in visual novel format, with some choices for forks. When the player is not in story mode the game will be point in click and when it is combat it will be a platform format. Later I pretend to add some minigames, but 99% will be these 3 modes
I will design the game with a gamepad focus for all modes. but it will still work with keyboard, mouse or touch.

What can you expect from the game?
Hopefully you will enjoy the history, find some side character that you like, marry him/her and if the planets align there will be a horny interaction with your specific kink with your waifu/husband. Besides the story/visual novel part there are the data sim and platform combat parts. I want a fast-paced combat, so I will implement ways to force / incentivise the player to always be in movement.

The data sim part will be important to get people on you side, that will be based on a lot of small interactions and choices along the game. You don’t need to fuck every one, theres 2 main positive titles “true friend” / “partner”.

There are some gores routes in the game, however you will only see something if you wanna see it.

  • If some random guy knock at your door at night? don’t open.
  • Some cute girl gives you random food? don’t eat it.
  • Some teacher says that Nara are really good at a generic thing that you know that is a lie but maybe nara don’t realize it and this teacher ask her to come see him in an abandoned classroom to help him. don’t go.

And what I mean with interactive visual novel? I never see a game call itself this way, but it’s a cool tag and conveys the meaning well. There is a main plot that will be show 99% in a visual novel format, but the player can change some trajectories based on other more interactive ways and will represent the majority of game time.

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