Yuna: Reborn [] By Horn

Horn Games released a new game called Yuna: Reborn and the version is The game’s story is about Yuna a Third-Person Action RPG Shooter with a focus on gameplay and dynamic action.

Developer: Horn
File Size: 7.48 GB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.3.68

  • I’ve reached level 100 in Path of Exile
    Brought back Judy’s old pants in an updated form.
    Arena options update
    Vincent quest line update
    Merchant added to the arena
    ntegrated a weapon customizer into the arena and story mode.
    Character progression system has been reworked
    Experience can be earned by performing successful dodges, taking damage and debuffs (For survival tree)
    Cold-Blooded Skill Tree (Killing with ranged weapons) and the Survival Tree have been reworked. Most of the skills have been reworked
    Aggression Skill Tree (Mantis blade combat) has also been updated, like the other skill trees. Most of the skills have been reworked
    Boss for the story mode and bunch of H-animations for the boss – 10 completely new animations.
    Crafting system has been completely overhauled
    Now you don’t need to wait for hours for something to be crafted
    There’s an option to dismantle cartridges, create empty magazines
    All cartridges are now stored in the workbench and you can retrieve them at any time when neded.
    The ability to Unload and Load a clip with the press of a button
    The inventory now has no weight limit but has a certain number of slots.
    Reloading has two types and become more advanced
    Judy has a tactical belt where all the clips are stored.
    All consumables are stored on the belt and have quantity limitations.
    Shotgun ammunition is also displayed on the belt
    Pouch indicates the available space so you don’t have to constantly check the inventory to see how much space is left
    Two small mini-quests related to blueprints
    Weapon blueprints in the story mode, and something like a shop that refreshes when you bring the blueprints
    A slight update to the HUD.
    Stamina consumption and display on the character have been updated.
    The lamp is now also on the belt and shines like the sun
    Added a boss for level 10 of the arena
    Replaced old assets with new ones that are more thematic for the project.
    Enemies can no longer see you through walls but are more acute to the sounds you make. (Without shoes, Judy walks and runs more quietly.)
    Updated the AI for all enemies and slightly modified their behavior and balance.
  • And many other things I’ve forgot to mention.

Developer Notes:

War never changes, but it changed my game.

Also I’ll be working on improvement of every aspect of the game, as I’m doing it alone in between my work and sleep time (instead of the sleep in most cases). I can’t do everything at once.

Game Images & Screenshots


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